Greater Heights Holidays: Challenge Twisted Thinking

Greater Heights Holidays: Challenge Twisted Thinking

You can only travel as far as your perception and thinking allow. What you think about your marriage, work, goals and health ultimately occurs in these areas. What do you really like about yourself? Your ability to be effective in the working world? Your ability as a parent and lover? Your opinion ultimately dictates your action or passivity.

We see the talented jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis or Drew Faust, the first female president of Yale University, and think their skills are a fluke or just for the privileged. But if we were to enter into the process that made them geniuses, we learn that some of their biggest obstacles to the full expression of who they are today were to acknowledge and overcome their twisted thinking that is unrealistic ways to see and interact with the world , of which flowed counter-contradictory attitudes and habits that could have killed their dreams.

I am positive that they continue to clear their perceptions to become better leaders.

What this tells us is this: The biggest enemy of living an unlimited life is YOU.

How far do you want to travel in life? The first step is to own where your point of view is turned off --- out of alignment with reality, and transform it.

In fact, as I rise in the industries, I find myself having to confront myself. Self-talk flows through my head: Am I good enough? Do I deserve this? The care of this thinking can immobolize me if I release it. But I have long realized that fear that takes the form of negative thinking are pairs of the course when we are in our comfort zone and doing new things. So, I acknowledge my fears, but refuse to let them decide my best way of action.

We must constantly upgrade our thinking and normalize that process as we climb the height of the mountain to reach the top.

Looking at an accomplished person and assuming that their creative excellence is only for a few is making a reasonable but terrible mistake. If we take that position, it's easy to cancel what God has strategically embedded in you and I --- a powerful, living purpose.

Breaking ourselves is something that many of us are great at.

Seth Godin, marketer, entrepreneur and author of The Icarus Deception states, that we are often our own worst boss. It does not matter if we work for ourselves or another. We handle our career, our day, our answers in life. He further claims that how we sell our services, education and how we talk to us is probably done badly.

If a manager spoke to us, he said, how we talk to yourself, we should stop. If a boss is wasted as much time as we wreck, shoot the shot, and if an organization developed employees as badly as we developed, it would go under. This is like a smelling salt from a marketing genius. Is it true to you?

So, how do you know when your perspective is definitely seen in our self-evident clock adaptation?

Look at the fruit.

What behaviors are you afraid of, but if you did, would it give more positive results in your marriage? Your career? Your parenthood? Your Health? Your personal development?

Under the most wrong thinking and behavior are fear and anger. For example, if you fear vulnerability that is the key to developing a close relationship (look up the science of this) and you insist on emotional distances, how can you destroy your marriage? Or your relationship with your children?

Also note that fear and anger take on many disguises such as advances, negativity, some insights, perfection and judgment to name but a few. Where do these habits dominate your life? In what areas of life do these states hold you? What can you do to overcome them so you can move on to your goals? These states seem formidable, but there are really great excuses for underperformance if we choose to care rather than overcome them.

Finally, curious and bold. Question. No matter how difficult we try to conceal our thinking and curvy perspectives as they leak out. People see us who we are but if they are close to us, they love us anyway.

Select one or more trusted friends and ask them to help you see your blind spots.

Here are some initial questions: Where do you see that I am unrealistic in my thinking? What do I say or do as a pattern that sticks me? What attitudes do you think I need to let go?

With this knowledge and the desire to live a life unlimited, you have the right opportunity through regular self-control and determination to travel as far as you want in life.

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